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Riverside-Bradford Baseball League

Riverside-Bradford Baseball League

General Rules

Riverside Bradford Baseball League

Minor Division Rules

1. Game time is 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  Please have teams ready to play by 5:15 PM. 
2. Have catchers ready before the third out of the inning so there is no delay. 
3. Recruit parents to help during games and practices.  A minimum of three adults (two in the field / one on the bench) is recommended for this level. 
4. “Softee – Level 10” balls will be used and under no circumstance shall this change.
5. The home team will provide two new balls and bases for each game. 
6. The bases will be placed 50 feet (use your best discretion) from home plate and each other. 
7. Coaches pitch every game. Have one player next to you to catch batted balls.  No more than six hittable pitches per child. A batter must either hit the ball into play or strikeout.  Three strikes is an out.  There are no walks or hit-by-pitch. 
8. All children should have equal playing time to the best of the coach’s ability.  Keep everyone involved. 
9. Ten children will play in the field with four outfielders across.  Players cannot be stacked behind one another. 
10. Encourage playmaking at the bases.  Teach basic skills and explain the rules and the proper way to play the game. 
11. The ball is dead when it is in the infield.  All base runners will stop at the closest base. 
12. All players will bat in each game.  There will be eight batters or three outs in each half inning, whichever comes first.  The batting order will be continuous and the on-deck batter at the end of the game will bat first in the next game.  Keep a scorebook to maintain the batting order from one game to the next. 


Riverside-Bradford Baseball League
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