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Riverside-Bradford Baseball League

Riverside-Bradford Baseball League

General Rules

Riverside Bradford Baseball League

Major-Minor Division Rules

1. Players pitch the first three innings of every game.  Coaches pitch the last three innings of every game. A batter must either hit the ball into play or strikeout.  There are no walks or hit-by-pitch when coaches are pitching. 
2. The pitching distance is 40 feet.  Pitchers must be in contact with the rubber when they release the ball. 
3. Players may only pitch one inning a game and two innings in a week.  One pitch constitutes an inning.  A week runs from Sunday through Saturday.  This rule supersedes the pitch count rules. 
4. If a pitcher walks three batters in an inning, no further walks will be allowed in that inning, regardless of whether a pitching change has been made.  After the pitcher walks the third batter, the hitter’s coach will pitch to the batter and continue the inning.  Coaches cannot walk batters. 
5. At the umpire’s discretion, a pitcher may hit only two batters in an inning and three in a game.  Velocity, control, and intent will be factors. 
6. The umpire is the only person allowed behind the catcher.  No one is allowed behind the catcher.  This includes coaches and parents. 
7. A team may play the game with eight players, but the other team can play ten in the field.  No player can sit on the bench longer than two innings. 
8. Ten children will play in the field with four outfielders across.  Players cannot be stacked behind one another. 
9. Play ceases when the ball reaches the mound and is in control by a player.  The mound is defined as the circle, of 10-foot diameter, surrounding the pitching rubber.  The umpire will use his best discretion.  The offensive team’s coach, while pitching, must catch a throw from the defensive team if possible or the ball is dead. 
10. The batting order is continuous and the on-deck batter at the end of a game will bat first in the next game.  A team must have the same order throughout the season, changing only once.  The commissioner must be notified of any change in batting order. 
11. Bunting is not allowed. 
12. The umpire will issue one warning per team about throwing the bat.  A second offense will result in an out. 
13. Catchers and fielders cannot block a base.  The runner must have access to the base.  Obstruction will be called at the umpire’s discretion. 
14. Two successful steals will be allowed per inning.  The batter advancing to second on ball four will count as a steal.  Advancing on a passed ball will be considered a steal.  Runners may only steal on a strike when the coach is pitching.  Runners cannot steal home.
Runners can only advance one base on an overthrow.  There is no advancing on overthrows from the catcher on a steal.
15. A maximum of five runs per inning is allowed.  In the event runners score more than five runs due to a hit, the play will run its course, but only five runs will be counted.  In the sixth inning, the team behind by more than five runs can score enough runs to tie the game but not go ahead. 
16. The infield fly rule will not be enforced. 
17. Umpires make final determination on ALL RULES.  Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken League rules prevail on any situation not covered above. 


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