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Riverside-Bradford Baseball League


BOARD MEETING         October 5, 2020 Annual Meeting/Elections          via Zoom

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: 7:02 PM                                                              MEETING ADJOURNED: 8:08 PM

ATTENDANCE: Current BoD- Randel George, Andy DiPietro, Matt Souza, Jared Duemling, Jim Piraino, Kyle Walker, Wayne Knight, PJ Panneton & Rocky Libucha. Prospective BoD Members: Pat Lavanga, Jennifer Duemling, Mike Nutton, Jonathan Elwell, Bill McCarthy, Larry Doucette, Donald Gillen, Patrick Lavigne, Jay Lahaye, Seth Heisler & Peter Stoehr.

Fall Season Review: All in all it was a good season with not really any issues until it was cut short by Haverhill Board of Health. 6U really got the short end of the stick with only 2 practices and 2 games. 9U was a good season it was noted for next year to realign age groups differently as there was a big gap between 7s and 9 year olds. 12U season was very competitive, teams were engaged and games were close overall. Successful first year with the different age groups, would definitely look to run a Fall season again next year.

6U Compensation? It was discussed that the Board needs to do something for those that played in the 6U division. Ideas were tossed around and we came up with crediting any 6U players a $50 credit for next year. Motion to accept made by Randel, Seconded by 
Andy. All in favor. Passed unanimously.

Return: a few dates were talked about one being Columbus Day (Matt Souza) the other being Sunday October 25th (Jared) discussion was tabled. The BoD understands the need for the return, will settle on date and those members to assist at a later time.

Financial Audit: date will be Tuesday October 20th 7pm, location TBD. Those that volunteered to attend audit are: Jim, Randel, Jared & Rocky

New Board Candidate Intros: all prospective BoD members were given 1-2 minutes to state why they want to be considered for the 2020-21 Board of Directors.

2021 Board Vote Results: Those voted in with required two-thirds vote: Jennifer Duemling, Jonathan Elwell, Mike Nutton, Bill McCarthy, Patrick Lavigne, Peter Stoehr, Steve O'Connell, Seth Heisler & Jay Lahaye. Those not voted in: Patrick Lavanga, Donald Gillen, Phil Gagne & Larry Doucette.

2021 Board of Directors officer position vote: President: Matt Souza unopposed, VP of Administration: Andy DiPietro unopposed, VP of Baseball Operations: PJ Panneton unopposed, Player Agent: Jared Duemling unopposed, Treasurer and Secretary Vacant. New BoD members Jennifer Duemling & Peter Stoehr each were unanimously voted in Jennifer for Treasurer & Peter for Secretary.

Transition/Next Steps: all elected BoD officers and new members will take effect as of 10/6/2020. Current board and new board will work together on transition of duties.

Open Floor: Jared brought up the RB Baseball online store. So far there has only been 8 orders. There is 2 more weeks left of the store, more emails will be going out. Jared asked everyone to spread the word to parents that they know about the store as we don't want anyone to miss out on the opportunity. 

Randel gave his outgoing President "step down speech", Matt Souza thanked Randel for his service and spoke to the future of RB and what his expectations were and what we could accomplish.

Motion to Adjourn: made by Randel, seconded by PJ

To Dos: 
Outgoing Treasurer Jim and New President Matt & Treasurer Jenn need to work on switching over bank account info
Jared to update the RB Website, send out results email and post to Facebook 


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